Land of Light

An eloquent text by bestselling author Nicholas Gage and vivid color photographs by Barry Brukoff create an unforgettable portrait of this luminous country. Greece is a legendary destination, and anyone who has once fallen under its spell dreams of returning again and again. Here is a marvelous record of this enchanting land, portraying the essence of Greece - its striking sea and landscape, its peoples, its culture and history, and its ancient monuments. From the tip of the Peloponnese to the remote mountain villages of the far north to the islands of the Aegean, Brukoff's brilliant color images and Gage's evocative words delineate the heart of Greece. Included are the great classical ruins, the Byzantine monasteries, colorful fishing villages, chairs at outdoor tavernas, octopus drying in the sun like laundry, and the ubiquitous cats - the vivid details that each traveler takes home as a memory. Gage's insightful essay's on the history of Greece, its myths and beliefs, life in the villages, the age-old wisdom and spirit of the Greek people, and, above all, "Greece's unearthly spiritual, almost holy light" are a passionate tribute to an extraordinary country.

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