"The real-life power of a memoir, the emotional density of a novel."

The New York Times

"The gods continue to smile on Nicholas Gage, a writer who knows how to tell a good story and, even better, has a good story to tell...A Place for Us completes the emotional symmetry that began with Eleni...Gage writes with little separation between his intellect and his senses...(He) relives his father's American dream more passionately than his own. The author's exploits are subordinated to the old man's...(whose) death at age 90 provides a classic resoution...that echoes Chekhov."

Time Magazine
"A Place for Us is a touching look at an immigrant's life in a harsh new country...filled with humor, anger, jealousy, and love...More than a worthy successor to Eleni, it is a testament to the iron will of the American immigrant and his detrermination not only to find a place in his adopted land, but to make that land the better for his being there."

"A work that is both heartwarming and gut-wrenching, a marvelous memoir."

Kirkus Reviews

"Whatever the mysterious quality is that makes a writer soulful, Nicholas Gage has it...remarkably passionate and vivid...One of the most heart-warming books you'll ever read."


"Full of humorouos, ironic, sad touches, this extraordinary, moving saga reflects one family's attempt to balance assimilation with the preservation of Old-World traditions."

Publisher's Weekly

"A Place for Us continues the story of Eleni's children, their...cultural journey from an essentially medieval village to a world of factories, rock and roll and pizzarias...a tale of success and accommodation...(that) subtly traces the binding power of...family pride...A Place for Us honestly, generously and often wittily portrays Greek life in this country."

U.S.A. Today

"Gage gives many gifts to the reader---a sense of family that is almost gone today, an understanding of the immigrant's struggle that will not be told as well until the Asians, the Hispanics conquer English. But his final gift is (his father) Christos, as guileless as he is graceful, able until the day he dies to balance a fill wine glass on his head when he dances at weddings."

Chicago Tribune
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